Core Values

Alchemy Growth has five principles for creating successful and enduring relationships with our clients.

We will engage with senior executives as their growth partner if and only if we can confirm these foundation principles.


for Impact

We only commit to work with a handful of companies at any given time. We select larger companies based on our confidence to generate transformational impact over the 3 to 5 year horizon. We choose smaller companies based on our confidence to dramatically grow the market value of the entity.


Mutual Trust
and Respect

Mutual trust and respect lie at the very core of any successful partnership. We seek relationships where our skills and integrity are valued; and equally, where we feel confident about the leadership capacity and style of the senior team.


Continuity of

Growth and transformative change, by definition, involve time horizons of at least several years. To deliver the quality of impact we desire, we prefer to establish relationships that last over 5 years that allow us to ensure maximum impact.


Regular Personal

We aspire to enhance the personal effectiveness of the top executives in our partner companies. We seek out leaders who value regular private interactions with open and frank dialogue and collaborative problem solving.


Passion for
the Business

Leaders must imbue growth strategies with their hopes and dreams. We seek to support inspiring leaders with the acumen, vision and strength to sustain organizations for many years, and whose passion for their business we personally share.

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