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Alchemy Growth Partners works in partnership with the leaders of promising growth companies to make deep and lasting contributions to their innovation and business building initiatives. Working with Alchemy Growth Partners is like appointing an “executive-in-residence” for three to five years; not like retaining management consultants for a specific project.

Our ongoing support typically involves a mix of the following advisory services over our engagement period:

Growth Leadership. Regular counselling across a broad range of issues both business and personal. Sounding board for any initiative or decision. Practices to improve performance, time management, communications, and stamina.

Growth Strategy. Striking the right balance between creativity and pragmatism. Choosing among multiple growth paths in an intelligent manner based on superior insight. Creating an inspiring and compelling story for internal and external audiences.

Growth Architecture. Generating sustainable growth by motivating leaders to grow a connected set of small communities. Designing an organisation architecture around self-generating communities within an effective enterprise.

Conversations. Engaging intensively with a diverse set of external experts to gain foresight about market-shaping discontinuities and megatrends. Forging an action plan to position the company well in the changing world.

Segmentation and Business Redesign. Segmentation of customers based upon needs, psychographics, etc. Articulation of value propositions for each segment. Incremental or radical redesign of business model to deliver clear value to each segment.

Commercialisation and New Business Building. Confirming of target market needs and buying attributes. Analysis of competitive positioning. Use of network to open doors for big new accounts and investors. Commercialisation roadmap based on capital available.






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